Nicotine Addiction Isn’t a Choice but Recovery Is

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  • If your initial seduction re: smoking cigarettes, a pipe, a cigar, or even sniffing snuff has long gone away, then why haven't you stopped? Rather than a mindless repetition of a behavior that one could -- with minor annoyance -- change, i.e., dump, you most likely keep smoking due to a powerful cellular addiction to nicotine, accompanied by mindless associated behaviors/rituals: fumbling for a familiar pack of smokes, lighting up, sharing a smoke with a friend, smoking after a good meal etc.



    I ask you to take your nicotine-delivery system (cigarette, cigar, etc.) and place it before you on your kitchen table or desk. Please secure some paper and a pen and write this heading across the top of the paper: "Why I want to continue smoking (cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, etc.)." There, in black and white, begin listing - as best you can - your current reasons why continuing smoking of your own free choice is desirous to you.

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    Oh, you say there are no remaining reasons of pure choice, free will to do this in the present day?


    Do you agree, then, that this is a need, a requirement, an addiction to nicotine including associated rituals that accompany absorbing nicotine hour after hour, day after day, into your system?


    Putting off addressing your dependency on nicotine for another day, another year, another decade is - in a sense - the "easy" choice. Yes, it's a choice not to take action, not to focus on the tobacco industry's hands held tightly around your throat.

    Sure, you certainly never intended to become addicted. But didn't you become addicted way back when? You can't remember exactly? The years roll by and your tobacco-stained fingers fumble for yet another hit? Even when some "representatives" of the tobacco industry feign concern for their creations, i.e., addicts (that would be you, that would be me), it's simply a concern for profits, a PR ploy.


    No, you and I - although longtime nicotine addicts - I, for thirty years (before stopping in '93), you for how long now? - would do well to take a deep - albeit phlegmy - breath and choose to do something about this thing.


    Call out for help - not to reps (reptiles?) from tobaccoland - but seek help via phone, the Internet, etc. Contact those who've walked away completely from nicotine world. Doctors, support groups, stop-smoking orgs, etc.


    Help to stop smoking is virtually in your face today. We live in a nation that's increasingly intolerant to the tobacco industry and its addictive products, its nicotine-delivery systems. Sure, it's a legal drug for adults and we have free choice in this country. Make your choice now; cross over.


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Published On: February 02, 2009