Bring Your Life into Balance: Stop Smoking Now!

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • I had a bad dream last night: collective human excrement seeped from an overflowing toilet inside a tiny rickety shack covering the floor in broad daylight as well-dressed impatient embarrassed parent figures accompanied by important friends with frozen, disapproving smiles, awaited my delayed emergence as I anxiously searched for decent (acceptable) clothing - shoes, etc. - all the while attempting to clean away, hide the hideous unspeakable toilet overflow from their view, if they - by chance - were to enter the premises before I could ease out the door, feigning a smile to join them, feeling so unworthy, unprepared, inadequate.

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    As I awakened I continued to experience momentary hangover fears of inadequacy and a sadness/realization that my parents, especially my mother and perhaps most "friends" I'd ever known, thought me somehow inappropriate, not up to standard, less than, not quite OK, and I also obviously was (momentarily) again perceiving myself via that same distorted view.

    What a way to begin a day! Oh well, as I was petting my loving pooch and brewing a cup of coffee (with green tea on the side), thoughts/feelings began to balance and I felt to myself "so what if this is even somewhat true, I can only be me, flaws included, live my life as best I can, hopefully do no harm, perhaps accomplish some good." I allowed my demons, for 30 years, in collaboration with daily life challenges, to create cycles of addiction to cigarettes, smoke-after-smoke, and, for the first fifteen of those years, drink-after-drink of alcoholic beverages; I've remained free from both these chemical dependencies for many years (off cigarettes since '93, off booze since '78).

    My personal demons don't have their claws into me as deeply as they once did when I blanketed myself in the poisonous stench of cigarette smoke and booze-oblivion. Your own life can be brighter, your demons defanged to a degree, without poisonous chemical addictions blocking you from the potential light in your life.

    I've worked with thousands of nicotine- and other-drug-dependent folks for many years and have witnessed numerous cycles of addiction/sickness transformed into cycles of recovery/wellness. This is fun. This is indeed real life, not veiled substandard existence. You can do it; you can stop smoking right here and right now. I happily, joyously, exuberantly cheer you on.

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    We're all in this together. Taste your freedom from cigarettes today!

    I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: March 11, 2009