Want to Quit Smoking? Try Keeping All Your Cigarette Butts

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • If you've been contemplating quitting smoking of late and you live alone, put cigarette realness in your face - so to speak. Save a favorite ashtray full of butts; don't dump this toxic treasure, spiriting it out of sight as though it never happened. It does happen and it's been a very real part of your life for some years now, hasn't it? OK. Keep an accumulating array of butts-in-trays around. That's right. Showcase this growing collection of crap in full view all about your place, safely out of reach of pets. Next, have a non-smoking friend take photos of you - as large as possible - tight shots of fingers-to-face, cigarette-to-lips, full-on facial frontals and profiles as well. Tape these smoky shots onto your refrigerator, your exit doors, on the bathroom mirror, and beside your bed.

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    Bring the reality of nicotine addiction into focus for yourself. Keep this up for a full week.


    During this period - as you're surrounded by the "fruits of your labor," write why you want to stop this slavery as good, solid reasons to do so become more and more obvious to you.


    Deliberately walk away from this environment daily for at least 10 minutes without lighting up. Increase your pace, if possible, and note your accompanying wheeze.

    Climb stairs if you can. Carry objects for at least a short distance. Does this begin to bring the reality of your nicotine addiction home to you?


    Continue to take note of your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis during this seven-day period. Can you now feel the oppressiveness of this energy-sapping cycle? Are you getting your attention? Share this awareness with your healthcare provider; call your doctor, set an appointment. Tell your physician you're ready to throw in the towel, do whatever it takes to reclaim your life, your freedom.


    Pick up your local neighborhood "throwaway" newspaper and seek out a stop-smoking support group. Surf the net. Check the yellow pages as you become aware of your yellow teeth, tobacco breath, yellow fingers.


    Look into your mirror at the condition of your skin tone while you take hits from a cigarette. You're approaching apathy-busting awareness even as you continue to smoke.


    Next week and for weeks to come I'll share powerful techniques with you that ended my hideous 30-year cigarette habit in '93.


    Cigarette addiction is a big deal and your forthcoming achievement of freedom from nicotine is equally a Big Deal !


    Questions? Want some support? Email me at jchristopher.thcn@gmail.com.

    I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: March 26, 2009