Where Has All the Glamour of Smoking Gone?

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • The following fantasy had great appeal to me back in the day: We close friends - tortured, creative, young, exuberant, inquisitive, out to make our mark on the world - meet at a dark coffee shop, cigarettes ablaze, each individual holding forth, till the wee hours, perhaps till dawn, reluctant to leave in our separate cars, exhilarated and exhausted.


    Or, road trip: We, young and Kerouacesque, drive cross-country, sharing brilliant ideas and lit cigarettes, geographical destination of little import. The creative process, life-in-progress back as far as the mind can take us, cigarettes dangling from our lips, smokes held high in our gesticulating fingers.

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    Carry these glamorized selective-memory scenarios forward to the present day and you may find the brightly lit coffee shop disallows smoking entirely or at least relegates it to a few tables outside its walls.


    You'd also experience a majority of road trips nowadays to be smoke-free. I, back in the day,  felt an emotional attachment to these afore-shared smoke-filled scenarios.

    A tip of the tobacco hat can be directed to the cigarette industry and its relentless glamorization of its products via powerful, consistent advertising.


    But here we are in the present day. I (since '93) realize that an exuberant exchange of ideas, an adventurous road trip (filled with anticipation of destination and fun-to-come) would be absolutely slaughtered by cigarettes.


    My emotional attachment to cigarettes died back then. Fun isn't associated with addiction to tobacco products. Fun is to be had free from nicotine dependency.

    Do you still hold a glimmer of glamorization for smokes consciously in your cranium.

    Do you, in the present day, still emotionally associate your pack of smokes with good times, getting laid, creativity, laughing heartily? Or has nicotine simply become a "necessity" via your addiction to the drug? Maybe you now see that what persists - in reality - is your need for smoke upon smoke to stay "stable" in your debilitated cycle of nicotine dependency.


    When you're left standing (or sitting out of breath) in the middle of your life, you see that there is not one shred of glamour or appeal in smoking cigarettes.


    Back-in-the-day is over; your here-and-now can be a new beginning, free from nicotine addiction!


    Utilize this web site to de-glamourize your tobacco dependency.


    As an ex-smoker, I'm one of many who cheer you on, who understand, who wish you well. Email me at jchristopher.thcn@gmail.com. I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: April 03, 2009