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  • The 10th Annual Funeral for the unknown Smoker - which I began back in the day, will again be an important component in our 2nd Annual Festival of Recovery, this year to be held in the popular Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry, Los Angeles, on April 25th.



    The idea is to present - under one roof - all the addiction recovery resources we can for a full day so that folks who seek help can find help. The festival is free and so is the informal buffet luncheon, provided by several nonprofit organizations. We do accept (and hope for) donations to help defray expenses via strategically placed contribution jars throughout the facility.

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    In the free stop-smoking seminar I'll offer, after the funeral event, smokers will have an opportunity to reflect for a moment re: when, where, and how they started smoking.

    How did this happen in your own life? What age were you when you first tried cigarettes? What year was it? Where were you at the time?

    What were the circumstances surrounding your first smokes? How soon, do you recall, your experimentation turning into regular smoking, purchasing your own smokes?

    Try to recall how long it took (before you realized it) that smoking was an integral part of who you were.


    Approximately when do you think you began to become somewhat concerned about this matter? How many years have you smoked up to the present day? Did you stop for a time and restart again? What length were your periods of smoking cessation? Days? Weeks, months, years? Truly, when you stopped and stayed stopped for a while, that was a triumph! Yes, it was. And is. Claim it for yourself. Let's be accurate. You achieved this in the face of a drug deemed more addictive - by the World Health Organization - than heroine.


    Yes, nicotine addiction is a serious matter, no doubt about it. You can alter your present course with powerful support from this web site's numerous resources. Credit yourself for reaching out and visiting this site for help, for answers. Endorse yourself for your action. Sure, you may have a cigarette in hand as you read this post; you're addicted to nicotine AND you're taking steps to change this picture, to create a new smoke-free you.

    You're basically participating in your very own Festival of Recovery. This is real. Your supporters include yours truly, off nicotine since '93, and countless others who are now free from cigarettes, folks who've arrested their addictions. Thanks for coming to this site, for reaching out to save yourself, extend your life, regain your health, your stamina, your energy, your exuberance.


    Life in many ways can be a festival - including its notorious ups and downs - when you're free from the stranglehold of nicotine. Your life potential can increase when you, in the here and now, begin your life again. I used a gradual smoking-cessation approach, which worked very well for me; I haven't desired a cigarette for many years now. I achieved my freedom without pain. Today's resources await you today. Take advantage of this as you explore your options. Enjoy your adventure!


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    Email me at jchristopher.thcn@gmail.com. I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: April 15, 2009