Turn Your Desire into Self-Empowerment: Take Action Today!

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  • Please ask yourself a question; this is a crucial query concerning chances of success in stopping smoking: Do you have a strong desire to stop; to free yourself from cigarette-after-cigarette? Has your slavery to smokes become a real drag? Are you at a point - no matter how you've arrived - to reach out for real, for you, no matter what?

    It's not unusual, not uncommon to reach this power point with cigarette-in-hand, ash tray by your side. It's become - tragically - the most natural thing in the world for you, as it did for all us nicotine addicts.


    So, has your desire to quit smoking become paramount - as a separate issue from all else - to you now?

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    Ask yourself this: "Do I really - in my heart of hearts, in my core being - want to stop smoking and reclaim my life now? Has my desire, my longing to halt this addiction to cigarettes surpassed the ‘I want to want to stop smoking' phase?" If so, let yourself feel this powerful self-preservation core-being desire, this save-yourself stance.

    Allow yourself to feel anger appropriately toward your addiction; while simultaneously, compassionately loving your unintentionally addicted self.


    Separate the two; you're you to be supported by you, while nicotine's grip is the unwanted horror to be removed from your precious being.


    Removing cigarettes from your life can literally save your life and restore your pre-smoking quality of life, directly back to you. You deserve to breathe clean air, climb stairs with ease, walk around the block without getting winded, play sports, enjoy a movie without taking a cigarette break, go dancing, go roller-skating, bungee jumping, even knitting can keep your fingers busy as you transition from smoker to nonsmoker.


    Yes, you are precious; a unique individual - warts and all - who never planned to get hooked on nicotine. Won't it be marvelous to once again experience the real you, the nicotine-free you? Think of what awaits you in your nicotine-free life! Vigor restored, moving freely, appropriately proud of your ongoing achievement.


    There's so much to experience in your new nicotine-free persona. I'm literally thrilled for you, as I am for myself since I halted my 30-year cigarette addiction back in '93.

    Act on your strong desire to be free, to be you again! Seek out and secure all the help and support  available to you now.


    Best wishes,

    Email me at jchristopher.thcn@gmail.com. I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: April 22, 2009