Mortality Focus: Cigarettes Have Consequences

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • When icons die -- especially one after the other, e.g., Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and the legendary Michael Jackson -- we, at least momentarily, tend to focus on our own mortality. Life in progress or finite follies as I sometimes call it, can include powerful addictive disorders. When celebrities croak, we may feel more vulnerable than usual and that's a moment of opportunity to address a long-entrenched nicotine enslavement and to take action.



    I could never have halted my addiction to cigarettes if I'd continued to remain mindless of same. Staying in a cycle of addiction appears easier than the scary stuff, i.e., actually making a decision to address the issue; I only waited 30 years to do so.

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    How long have you been postponing; how long have you been experiencing a lack of energy, shortness of breath? How long has practically every activity included lighting up? My freedom from nicotine addiction began in 1993 and was - due to the way I approached it - painless. In tapering off, I gradually removed nicotine from my system, while deliberately adding life-enhancing activities, e.g., moderate exercise, healthier eating, drinking more water. I had previously halted my excessive booze intake back in the day -- April '78, to be exact.

    So, enough about me; I'm already into my smoke-free life. Again, what about you? How's about performing a "living autopsy" on yourself? Lungs blackened? They can turn pink again. Zest for life lagging behind? You can catch up. Get off the imaginary gurney and join the healthy jog with other ex‑smokers.


    You don't have any more time to waste in nicotine country. Get out now. Hop on a horse and ride out, sneak out under cover of night, run out, walk out, crawl out. However you picture your addictive disorder, start your escape, your exit today.


    Enter into a new way of being, a new way of breathing. Free up your hands for reaching out to others, stroking a beloved pet, writing, painting, sculpting, building. Empower your lungs to belt out a song of joy - on key or off.


    Yes, I'm one of those glass-is-half-full folks; I was a suicidal depressive way back in the day. Boozing, drugging, and smoking tobacco ultimately exacerbates depression. So what are you gonna do? Don't the recent deaths of celebrities bring home to you your finiteness?


    Even if you eagerly anticipate a hereafter, do you seriously envision it to be filled with cigarette butts, angels sporting nicotine-yellowed wings? Death's real, but, by golly, so is life. Begin your new life now. I'm happy to help. Email me at I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: July 15, 2009