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Sunday, March 28, 2010 concerned daughter, Community Member, asks

Q: what the life expectancy of a person with 25% heart funtion and stage four COPD

life expectancy for a person with emphazema, Severe COPD, and a 25% heart function 63 year old. Smoker for 50 years


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Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
3/30/10 2:21pm

Hello there... This is a difficult question to answer, since predicting life expectancy with any accuracy would need to include factors based not just on physical condition. The power of the human will can be very strong in some people.


However, with a person who has reached the deteriorated stage you describe, you can expect that death is not too far off. Whether that means a matter of weeks or months or perhaps even longer is hard to say.


I'm sorry I can't give you more definitive information. Also, your parent's doctor might have more of a prediction for you, though again, it's an inexact science.


Take care,


LOST WITHOUT MY LOVE, Community Member
5/18/10 11:40pm

My Wonderful 75 year old Husband of 35 years, that is my World, my Love,

my Life... has Emphysema and Stage 4 COPD.

He has a hard time breathing after he wakes up...and when he gets up out of his chair that he sits in all day, and he walks 10 feet, he is out of breath, and has one heck of a time getting it back.

He is on Oxygen, 24/7 at 3 points.

He does the Albuterol Machine 4 times a day, he does Spiriva once a day, and he has a pocket inhaler of Albuterol that he does all day, maybe more than he should.

He is 5'8" and weighs 110 pounds.

He spent September 2009 to December 2009 in the Hospital with a

''Rare Pneumonia"

They had him on a Anti-biotic that messed up his hearing and his kidneys, as they said it would.

We both were wondering what his life span is, so that we could do those last few things he wants to do, if he can do it...

Please give me all the info you possibly can, about my Husband, the Love of my Life...

Thank You!


JOGINDER SINGH, Community Member
3/ 6/14 6:35am

my fahter was 25% heart funciton.

but he was expired after 14days after major surgery.

i love you babuji.

World famous surgeon Dr. Dinesh tehran, medanta hospital, gurgaon was failed.


I advice you that you can care in the house in presence of

best cardiologist doctors.


god bless you

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