• Tamare Tamare
    February 07, 2009
    bronchitis and steroids
    Tamare Tamare
    February 07, 2009

    I have been diagnosed with bronchitis.  It is now 10 days and I am not any better.  I was given Cheratussen cough syrup (which didn't do anything except make me feel ill) and ProAir inhaler which does some (little) good.  On the blow test (not sure what it's called) I was blowing 200 to 225 then after nebulizer treatment, I was blowing 225 to 250.  I have heavy congestion in my lungs, yet nothing is coming up (no spewtum).  I have also been taking Mucinex DM and/or RobitussenDM Max yet I still have the congestion that is not releasing.  My doctor told me to start the antibiotics he prescribed (the 5 day Zpack I think it is called) if I wasn't better in 10 days.  I plan to start that today.  I have no fever, just tons of coughing which is making me quite weak and lethargic.


    If I return to the doctor, he wants to start me on 80mgs of Prednisone, which I DO NOT want to do.  I am fearful of taking steroids and do not want to take this course.  How do you feel about an inhaled steroid as opposed to an ingested one?



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