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Monday, July 06, 2009 Achiles, Community Member, asks

Q: i have severe pain in my back in the right lung area, what can cause such severe pain ?

I am male ,in my late sixties and have suffered from Asthma, for many years. Recently, for several months I have experienced severe sharp pain in my back in the area of my right lung. I cough up a thick yellow sputum and the pain is with me day and night. As a young man I worked with cement, asbestos and builders dust and did not wear a face mask.  My breathing capacity is just below normal.

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Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
7/31/09 8:29pm



I am sorry it has taken so long for anyone to answer your question here. If you are still having the pain, I would strongly encourage you to see your doctor. Pain and thick yellow sputum are serious and should be evaluated. If possible, I would encourage you to see a respiratory specialist, called a pulmonologist. He/she can distinguish between the various respiratory conditions that might be causing your symptoms and help put together a treatment plan that is right for you.


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mary johnson, Community Member
4/26/13 11:18am

i have been having back pain it moves from my lower back to behind my shoulder blade.  I was diagnosed with COPD and I have allergeies all year long.   The back pain just started three weeks ago it only bothers me when I breath.

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