• kg4acg59 August 21, 2016
    August 21, 2016
    For people who have asthma and bronchitis on regular basis or for born with asthma attacks they should talk to their pulmonary specialist and they'll probably tell them that I should get it at least every 5 years for the reason if a person has asthma or has some kind of sense is a child as you get older your new system becomes weaker so it is a good idea to talk to your are pulmonary specialist and make sure all that you continue to ask questions concerning your health for the simple fact if you have suffered with as much as you are a child and it went in remission for a few years and later on when you got older the asma work came back. Later in their adulthood this is a good reason to always be on top of things to prevent yourself winding up in the hospital I myself has been hospitalized 3 - 4x from pneumonia it is a good thing to see a pulmonary specialist that deals with respiratory problems also allergenic problems allergies and air contaminants and cigarettes do not make the situation any better they are too much contaminants in the atmosphere and it just getting worser and worser all the vehicles and it misses being put into the air on a regular basis it is also good to make sure that you change your air filter on a regular basis and if you can get yourself Electric static filter these electrostatic filters work a lot better than all the filters there is more contaminants in your home then there is outside even though there's a lot of pollen outside Homes tend to collect dust if you suffer from asthma bronchitis it is better to avoid to have pets that shed hair I myself love animals but unfortunately I cannot have a cat or a dog it is also a good idea that if you're going outside to work in the yard to make sure that you put yourself a pollutant mask to avoid getting contaminants through your nasal passages also if you're working outside where are the proper clothes long sleeves clothes in case you have other allergies if you have severe allergies you might want to talk to your doctor about getting EpiPen in case you get bit by a wasp or other types of insects that might make you go into anaphylactic shock that will cause you to have problems breathing I say this to you because I have suffered from this for a long time it is not been easy but there is ways to prevent these things I hope that I've been a little bit of help God bless you all and stay safe protect your health talk to your doctor they are there to protect us and help us always seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider READ MORE
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