• Theresa Theresa
    November 27, 2009
    Can you cut 1mg chantix in half
    Theresa Theresa
    November 27, 2009

    if you have already used the starter pack , but stopped taking the pills, but would like to try again and start with the pills you already have? 



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  • Elayne April 04, 2011
    April 04, 2011


    I actually just spoke to my dr. to ask her the same question for the same reason. I was told no that they could not be cut in half. with insurance not covering it anymore I was really hoping I could still use the prescription I have but I was told it was not safe to do. I had to stop due to an unexpected surgery and had to stop all other medication. I hope you find a solution to help you. I just started using an e-cigarette and it seems to be really helping. I was just hoping the meds would help to better my chances of quitting. I will continue with the safe-cig. I posted the link to their site in case you want to check it out. Good luck. Elayne


    • mommadodge
      January 12, 2013
      January 12, 2013

      My pharmacist told me I could cut the pills in half. However my situation is different from yours. I started the week one, no problems, but as sson as I took those blue pills I was completely nauseated almost immediatly. I asked her about lowering the doasge as I was doing great on the first weeks pills and didn't see a need to increase anyway.. She said that I COULD cut them in half, however she told me to take each half about an hour to an hour an a half apart. (so instead of sitting in the bathroom waiting to hurl for a half hour twice a day, I get mildly nauseated four times a day! YAY!) However, that's what led me to this site.. as I still see no need to have that (complete) dosage. I am two days smoke free and really cut back that first week so I am feeling great! 

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