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Anne Mitchell is the author of the award-winning Give It Up! Stop smoking for life book and audio CD. She is also trained as a facilitator for the American Cancer Society’s FreshStart stop-smoking program.

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Anne Mitchell was a smoker for more than 25 years and tried to quit hundreds of times before finding long-term success. Having started smoking and drinking alcohol as a teenager, Anne said she, “found confidence and solace in these ‘acceptable’ drugs.” She soon discovered severe dependency as well.

Anne realized that her smoking addiction was tied to her addiction to alcohol. With the support of her loving husband and the help of some wonderful women in a 12-step program, Anne was able to quit drinking. Overcoming her addiction to smoking would prove to be much tougher. It took another five years of regular attempts to quit smoking to finally break the habit that had such a strong hold over her.


Anne has now enjoyed 12 alcohol-free and seven smoke-free years. She wrote the book Give It Up! Stop smoking for life when she was quitting smoking for the last time. The process of researching the book and speaking to the people who ended up sharing their stories on the audio CD were powerful influencers in her ability to be a successful quitter. “I love being able to write for this blog so that I might have an opportunity to be a positive influence for others who also want to be successful quitters,” said Anne.

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