Everything you Need to Know about COPD

Read our comprehensive guides and get all the need-to-know information about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.

Understanding Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Breathe Better with Emphysema
Eighty percent of COPD cases are caused by smoking. Learn more about this disease by finding out what it is, what the symptoms are, and what a diagnosis means for you and your loved ones.
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COPD Basics 

  • Highlights
    Get a quick background of the latest information on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.
  • Open Airway
    Cigarette smoke accounts for 80% of all COPD cases. Learn how smoking can lead to emphysema or chronic bronchitis.  
  • cigarette burning
    Risk Factors
    Are you at risk for developing COPD? Find out here. 
  • Stethoscope
    Diagnostic Tests
    Find out what tests your doctor may prescribe to diagnose COPD. 
  • Complications
    COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S., and complications from the disease can put you at risk for other life-threatening conditions.  

COPD Exercise Management

COPD Exercise: Exercise to Breathe Better and Easier

COPD Exercises can help you avoid or relieve shortness of breathe, better control your breathing and live more comfortably. Learn techniques that can help you breathe better.
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Managing COPD

  • Doctor
    Get a hold of your COPD! Find out which treatments are successful in managing the disease. 
  • Patient - Doctor Communication
    Read our guide to learn what available COPD medications your doctor may prescribe and which symptoms they treat. 
  • Oxygen-Replacement Therapy
    Continuous oxygen therapy is the only treatment for emphysema that has been proven to prolong survival in certain patients.
  • Older Couple Head Kiss
    Lifestyle Changes
    Read about the benefits of quitting smoking and additional lifestyle changes that will help manage your COPD. 
  • Surgical Procedures
    Learn more about the pluses and minuses of various surgical procedures available for COPD treatment.
  • Oxygen tube
    Using Home Oxygen for COPD
    Learn about the different ways oxygen can be stored, used, and if it might work for you.

COPD Symptoms

  • Symptom Checker
    Check a Symptom
    What is considered normal? When should you be concerned? These guides will tell you exactly what to look for and when a trip to the doctor is in order.