How Long Does Pleurisy Last?

Pleurisy is the inflammation of the lining surrounding the lungs. The Pleura membrane folds back onto itself to form a membrane structure. The function of the pleura is to help facilitate optimal breathing. When this inflammation occurs the pleural rubs against each other when a person breathes in and out, causing pain. During inhalations there are pains in the chest.

The main symptom of pleurisy is pain in the left side of the chest. The pain can be sharp, or a burning dull pain. Pain is most often noticed while breathing, and can become worse when long breathes are taken.

Getting rid of pleurisy depends on what the cause is and how it’s treated. You can treat pleurisy with medications, lifestyle changes, or medical procedures. If there is a lot of fluid in the pleural space the longs may collapse, making surgery a must. The surgery of removing fluids from the lung may take a couple of days. Other forms of treating the disease may take longer as it may be related to heart failure or serious infections. Regardless of the cause, pleurisy is not something that is treated quickly in one visit to the doctor’s office. It’s often a longer process that involves multiple visits and potential hospital stays.

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Your doctor will ask about your medical history, including your history of smoking. He or she also may ask whether you have been anywhere where you may have been exposed to tuberculosis.. To confirm the diagnosis, he or she will examine you, paying special attention to your lungs. Your doctor will check for signs of pleural effusion by gently tapping your chest wall. He or she also will listen with a stethoscope to check for a pleural friction rub, the rough, scratchy sound of the...

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