Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Christopher Lukas's Posts

The Good Days

They do come, don't they?


With the return of Autumn, the use of therapy and medication, there are those mornings when even the depression of last night doesn't last. The days when I can see that my interior thoughts are wrong: I'm not guilty of all those terrible things; I'm not an inferior person; I'm not a fraud; I'm not... Read moreChevron

The Ill and the Elderly

When I first wrote about suicide - 30 years ago - I was a terribly depressed person, trying to understand the deaths in my own family. While suicide continued to be the means of release for some members of my family, and while I still deplored, feared, and preached... Read moreChevron

Anniversary Events Can Spark Depression


I am writing this on September 11th. As the date approached, I wondered if I would react to the bombing of the World Trade Center towers with increased depression, or would I take this as just another day in the life of a somewhat depressed individual.
It's been a fairly rough year, all things considered. Chemotherapy for my... Read moreChevron

Hopelessness and Depression: Murphy's Law

If anything bad could happen, it will happen.


So goes "Murphy's Law." Looked at one way, the "law" is a perverse view of the universe. One that says that given equal chances, a bad outcome will be what happens. Looked at another way, it's a fairly scientific view: if you wait long enough or play the game (or live long... Read moreChevron

Living with a Depressed Person: Part 2

A few weeks ago I talked about what it's like to live with a depressed person. I want to add to those thoughts.

The occasion for adding to them is a question posed by someone on this web site who wanted to know how to tell others that she wasn't being difficult on purpose; that her behavior is the result of an illness, not unlike... Read moreChevron