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  • Hi guys


    Well here we are and a holiday weekend is before us. 


    Does anybody have any exciting plans for the Fourth of July?  I really don't other than relaxing. My youngest son is afraid of fireworks and my oldest son is bored with them.  So fireworks aren't such a big deal for our family.  But we will light some sparklers.  They are pretty.


    July is the middle of the year and it is a time to reflect on how things are going.


    I am thinking more about my purpose and what sort of person I choose to be and what core principles help me to keep going. 


    It is strange...when I tell people that what I am about is "helping people" sometimes I get a blank stare.  I feel like an island.  Not trying to sell something, boost my career, or be the face of some disease. I sometimes feel like an outcast for not wanting these things.

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    I don't have all the answers.  I am not gritty or launching a cause nor am I a "rah rah rah cheerleader" leading an angry bridage.  I am not edgy or contrroversial.  I am just an ordinary gal who has faced some extaordinary circumstances.  But who hasn't? I feel happy when I have helped someone just get through today.  I feel like...okay...maybe this is what I am here to do.  To just try.


    Who am I?  I am a mom.  I am a person who has dealt with my mother's schizophrenia, my father's alcoholism and death due to his addiction, poverty, abuse, my son's autism and now my depression, anxiety, and mutliple sclerosis.  I have no idea what my future will bring.

    I am a writer.  I am a person who is trying to survive and also share my experience with others through my writing.


    But it doesn't really matter.  What matters to me is right now and am I living authentically?  Am I making a difference?  Am I helping? 


    I don't want to become a "career patient."  I do not wish to be defined by disease or illness. What makes me special is not that I suffer from depression or have MS.  What makes anyone special is what they do with what they have been dealt.  I am on my knees and humbled by what life has dealt me.  I recognize that I don't have all the answers.  I am not all powerful by any stretch of the imagination. 


    Clarity sometimes helps with depression as in..."this is who I am" and "this is who I am not and never wish to be."  Figuring out your values and core principles which guide you...can help so much. Otherwise you are a rat in a maze. 


    You need to become conscious about what matters to you and what doesn't...what things are put upon you as shoulds or as someone else's version of your worth as would be good if you were this way. are good just the way you are...true to yourself. This is something I have always battled with.  I always think others know best about how I should be.  Most times...others are wrong.


    I am telling you....The best cure for your depression is to be who you are.  And don't be afraid.   You are good and worthy just the way you are.


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    Beyond the pills and therapy and everything true to yourself.  What is your purpose here on the planet?  If you don't know...make it your purpose to find out.  It could save your life.


    I do apologize for being so self indulgent but...I have been writing here since 2008.  I want this for the right reasons.  I want to have integrity and always do periodic life checks to make sure that I am on the right path.  It is important to me.


    If you so choose...tell us who you are.  What are you about?  What is most important to you.

  the good stuff.


    1.  Tell us how your week has gone overall.

    2.  What has been the best and the worst of this week?

    3.  What have you done to improve your mental health this week?

    4.  What are your hopes for the future?  What do you hope will happen in the days, weeks, and years to come?


    You know we love to hear from you.  And yeah...we care.



Published On: July 02, 2010