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  • Hi everybody!


    I am going to try to post this but not sure where it may end up.  Please have patience because the update to enable everyone to traverse easily among the many HC sites still has some glitches.  I am intending for this post to be seen on My Depression Connection and hopefully with my depression site profile.


    Keep your fingers crossed.


    I wanted to share some links with you guys.


    Wanted to first give you some links to some inspirational posts written by members over the past several months in case you missed these:

    • Member Kathy wrote in June about Strategies to Protect Yourself When Depression Hits.  She offers a really good list and then you guys also shared what works for you.  Maybe we can add more to the list.

    • Some of our members are dealing with illness lately.  Member Martha is currently dealing with breast cancer.  I am sure she would love to hear some words of support and encouragement in her battle against both depression and cancer.

    Wanted to say a huge thank you to all the My Depression Connection members who come visit the other Health Central sites.  I have really enjoyed seeing familiar faces and names over on Anxiety Connection and ADHD Central.  I am also writing over on My Skin Care Connection and Skin Cancer Connection and would love to hear from members there as well.

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    Here are some recent post you may be interested to read:


    • If you suffer from anxiety, the search for inner peace can be very difficult.  I know that the term "inner peace" can sometimes seem like a cliche but what does it really mean?  Come on over to the anxiety site to share your definition.

    • If you have a child with special needs who also has behavioral challenges, you may try the tried and true behavior management technique of rewards and consequences to improve behavior.  But what happens when rewards and punishments don't work?  I give some practical suggestions based upon my personal experiences as a teacher and parent.

    • A common theme of questions on the skin care site is about rashes.  One common rash for women around the mouth area is something called Perioral Dermatitis.    If you want more information just please stop by the site.

    • Are you over fifty?  Have you spent a lot of time in the sun over the years?  You may be at the age where you may begin to see the signs of sun damage to your skin.  One particular type of skin lesion which can be a precursor to squamous cell skin cancer is called actinic keratosis.  If you need information about this precancerous skin condition and how to prevent skin cancer in general please visit our skin cancer site.

    Last but not least I wanted to share links to bloggers in the larger mental health and depression community who are making a difference.  Wanted to start with a woman named Marja who has been a real inspiration to me over the years.


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    Notable Depression Blogger:  Marja writes the blog, Rollercoaster where she candidly speaks about her life living with Bipolar Disorder.  She has started a support group called Living Room in efforts to help people fight the stigma of mental illness and especially within her church.  Marja has posted on My Depression Connection about The Misconceptions about Depression.  I hope you check out her very inpirational writings.

    That's it!  I hope you all stay cool.  This heat wave can't last can it?



Published On: July 07, 2010