Depression Question: What Does Your Depression Look Like?

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  • In my Bipolar posts here on HealthCentral, I post a "Question of the Week" (almost every week). The inspiration came from a feature MerelyMe used to run here in Depression. My posts are less frequent here, but your involvement is just as important. Vital, would be a better way of putting it.


    As you may have gathered from sampling my posts here, a depression is not a depression. We sort of know what depression is, but my description for what lays me low may look entirely different from what lays you low. As if that is not bad enough, where we find depression, we are virtually certain to find elements of something else: anxiety, stress, trauma, personal issues, stuff going on in our lives. On and on and on.

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    Let’s get to the question. Or rather a series of questions:


    What does your depression look like?


    Does your current or most recent depression bear any semblance to the depression before that?


    If you had to describe “depression” in one sentence, how would you describe it?


    Do you have as many words for your depressions as Eskimos have for snow? (Extra credit: name some of them).


    Let’s get the discussion going. Comments below ....

Published On: February 28, 2013