What Sparks Life into You? The Question of the Week

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  • Hi everyone


    I am watching the last Oprah show right now.  I haven't watched her show in years.  I remember when she was on and Phil Donahue was also a talk show host.  That was so many years ago, I think I was in college then.  I feel like I have grown up with this show.  It is hard to believe Oprah's last show will be over in less than an hour.  Whatever you feel about Oprah the person or her show, she has proven to be a long lasting icon of our culture. 


    This is the question Oprah asked at the beginning of this, her last show:

    What sparks life into you?


    I think it is a very interesting question and especially for those of us who suffer from depression. 

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    There are many ways to interpret this question:


    What brings you joy?


    What do you feel passionate about?


    What lights you up?


    When do you get the feeling that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you are doing?


    What is your calling?


    What gives your life meaning and purpose?


    It has made me take pause today as I try to figure out what I am doing and why.  When life seems so complex it is good to get back to what your heart knows.  What sparks life into me?  My children, friends, family, teaching, writing, and helping others. 


    How about you?


    I am looking forward to hearing your answers. 



Published On: May 25, 2011