welbutrin sr ...is it going to get better ?

trinaof2 Community Member
  • PLEASE I NEED YOUR ADVICE ! i have been on welbutrin sr 150 mg 2 @ day for 3  wks i feel really short tempered ,anxitey, fuzzy headed , kinda tired and also 2 wks late on mt period . whats really weird is i took welbutrin xl last year and it was great energy, weight lost , happy, motivated, high sex drive, regular periods so whats the diffrence ? from what i understand ones time released  and the otam A not i have been taking one at 6am  other 12pm has any one else experinced this or anything like it ?should i just give it awhile longer but i really dont know how much longer my children and husband can live with me being so hateful !

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Published On: April 17, 2011