Coping with Trials & Tribulations

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • As a general rule our response to the trials and tribulations of life do not require medical or psychological interventions. However, as people become more sensitized to the symptoms of depression there may be times when they wonder if help is needed?


    Feelings of dejection and despondency almost invariably follow some setback and this is a natural response to having lost something, someone, or perhaps of being thwarted in some personal endeavor. Despondency at life's crossroads typically occurs at transitional points in life, such as retirement, but there are plenty of other points where dejection can occur. The point here is not to confuse the natural processes of dejection, sorrow or despondency with the disease process associated with clinical depression.

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    Sometimes people who have experienced major depression become highly sensitized or fearful of times when their mood dips. Not surprisingly they worry that this might be the start of a decline into depression. I've had many conversations on this very topic and it's true that at times the picture can seem blurred. Fortunately life experience itself often helps to resolve the issues. Very often it's simply a case of reassuring people that such emotions are natural, especially where a clear cause or causes are identified. These causes can be anything from work overload, to debt issues, to loss of a job, to tensions within a marriage. If we didn't have such reactions to these situations we perhaps couldn't work through the issues as part of problem solving.


    Dejection and the associated moods form part of a natural working-through process. In some situations these emotions can also help to focus our minds in order to find solutions.


    These days we know quite a bit about mental health. Even so, that knowledge remains relatively scant and patchy, and sometimes seems out of step with the pace of living. Speed, efficiency and effectiveness are prized commodities. Unfortunately the human condition isn't tuned into these trends so people who are unable to keep pace may feel under additional pressure. Not everyone has the resilience to bounce back from emotional upsets at the speed society would sometimes appear to like.


    Low moods are natural and universal. The fact that everyone has experienced them should help us to turn to others and share how we feel. Equally, the experience and knowledge of others can be enormously helpful and comforting at times when we feel exposed and vulnerable and lacking in the necessary resilience to perform at a pace and standard life might seem to want.


Published On: April 02, 2012