20 Signs of Male Depression

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • If a man doesn’t acknowledge or understand they are experiencing depression what remains is for someone else to spot the signs. Here is a list of 20 signs of depression typically seen in men. In isolation these signs mean very little but the more we see and the longer they last the greater the chance are that depression is the cause:


    His love of sport has diminished or stopped entirely. He may still have it on TV but he doesn’t react or comment in the way he used to.


    He is preoccupied, sad and withdrawn.


    The pet dog/cat/tropical fish aren’t getting the attention they once had or perhaps need.

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    If he answers you about why he seems different he uses words like bored, pointless, crap, meaningless, hopeless, useless, over words suggesting a more positive outlook.


    He worries a lot.


    He is more anxious, tetchy and stubborn.


    He says no – a lot.


    He may confide that he can’t stop thinking negative thoughts about the past, the present and the future.


    He is more forgetful and indecisive.


    He can’t seem to think straight or solve problems and he makes more mistakes.


    He gets angry for no special reason and sometimes his anger is disproportionate to the cause.


    He blames others for his misfortunes, and sometimes himself.


    His eating habits change. Often he will go off food but some men eat much more.


    He drinks more alcohol and smokes more cigarettes.


    He sends out stress signals like lip chewing, nail biting, swallowing repeatedly, facial ticks, finger tapping, leg bouncing/shaking.


    He may lose interest in sex but some men seek solace in sex and their sexual appetite increases.


    He may become obsessed over something like a car, or fitness, or his work.


    His sleep pattern is disrupted.


    If deeply depressed his movements slow right down. He shuts down and refuses to get out of bed, to wash, shave and maybe even to eat. Simple tasks like getting dressed become an overwhelming difficult chore.

Published On: November 12, 2014