Do I sound like I have dysthymia?

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    winwin asked...

    I am a college student. I Think I have dysthymia because I always felt distant and unable to connect with others, withdrawn, worthless, anxious and worry about everything. I know I was always angry for no reason as a young child, and also cried before going to elementary school. I never really feel passionate or interested in anything. Even if I have an interest or hobby, it goes away really fast. Day by day, I feel like my feeling of not interested or wanting to do anything got worse as I entered college. I am obsessed with grades because I feel like it is the only thing I can do good at. But when I mean grades, I don't mean actually learning, I hate going to class and I don't really have an interest to learn. However, I do the homework because that means I won't have to interact with others, and it takes up time that I would otherwise be using to think about how stupid I am compare to my classmates. I do minimum to get by and have to drag myself to do anything (even a shower sometimes). I just have a general feeling of not wanting to do anything. Also, I have to hardest time deciding things because I feel that which ever decision I made, I am still gonna be unsatisfied. However, I am able to sleep well at night, and I don't have a change in eating habits. Do I sound like I have dysmythia?

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    Dear winwin,


    It's impossible to hazard a guess at a diagnosis via the Internet. Still, I can certainly point you toward some information about dysthymia. I'd suggest that you make an appointment to see your doctor for advice. There may well be some kind of counseling service available at your college to help you determine what kind of help and advice you need.


    One of our experts here, Dr. Chris Ballas wrote an excellent piece about dysmythmia fairly recently:

      What is the difference between dysthymia and major depression?
      The simple answer is severity, but let me expand on this further.

      Technically, dysthymia is a pervasive "low level" depression that lasts a long time – often a few years. "Major Depression" is a discrete episode of severe depression. When it is gone, the patient is in "remission,” and feels completely normal...

      Continue reading What is the difference between dysthymia and major depression?

    I hope this information helps you!


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Published On: August 31, 2007