Kids and Teens Should Talk to Parents about Depression

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    amanda asked...


    My parents always blame stuff on me & they tell me that I should go kill myself or be homeless. I always cried but after that I didn't care cause I had friends that I could talk to but I've noticed they only think of me as the bad child. Even if they didn't know my parents they took their side. People at my school know me as the hyper outgoing kid but no one knows I'm smiling just to hide my sadness. Today my parents said all that crap again. They always expect me to fail at everything when they don't know the real me. When I always do something good they don't notice but the bad stuff I do they notice & label me as the *****. So what do I do?

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    Dear amanda,


    Have you tried sitting down with your parents and talking about this situation? If not, that's the place to start. If you tried that, and it didn't work, there are a few directions you can go...

    • Is there an adult who knows you and your parents and would be willing to talk to your parents? Sometimes, another adult can come in and help parents and children start really talking and listening to each other.
    • Another good source of help is school guidance counselors. Schedule an appointment with yours to talk about this situation. Since it's bound to be emotional, prepare for the appointment by making a list of things that have been said between you and your parents and note of what you want to talk to the counselor about.
    • If neither of those options works, consider going to the department of children's and family services for help. The name of this department varies from place to place. The local health department or police department can give you the name and phone number.

    Hopefully, improved communication can help your situation. In the event that it doesn't, children's services or other community help organizations should be able to help you determine what's in your best interest to do.


    Good luck,


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Published On: September 23, 2007