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    Glenda asked...



    IN THE PAST. I can't do my own bills because I forget who I pay's do not answer

    my phone. Leave the house only when it necessary. I have no energy I make

    my self do everything I do. On top of all this some of the meds make me feel

    funny. I see some people just so happy, I only wish that could be me.





    Dear Glenda,


    How long have you been taking your new medications? Has it been long enough for them to take effect? If so, a discussion with your doctor is in order. It might also be helpful to talk to a counselor who can suggest some strategies for organizing and doing things such as paying bills.

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    There's no single answer to how long it takes to "get your life back." It takes some people longer than others. Do you have a friend or family member who can help you by encouraging you to get out of the house and help you perhaps set up a system for things such as paying your bills?


    You know what you want, and you recognize some of your problems. Those are good steps forward. Now, work with your doctor to do any medication adjustments that might be necessary and consider adding some counseling or therapy to the medications. You do deserve to be happy, so keep reaching for it. Keep posting here too, and read other members' posts. You may well find some great suggestions that you can apply in addition to the support of talking with others who understand.


    Best wishes,


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Published On: October 01, 2007