Isolation Can Be a Common Part of Depression

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    Kim asked...


    Hi everyone. I was wondering if others isolate when they are depressed. I avoid being around anyone and that ends up leaving me even more depressed. Any insight or advice out there that may help me. Thanks!




    Dear Kim,


    Hiding out or "isolating" ourselves can be a common part of depression. Here are some suggestions:

    • Do some volunteer work for something you care about enough that you'll keep your obligation and leave the house to do it.
    • Confide in a friend about your isolation and make plans to do something with that friend once a week. Tell your friend not to take "No" for an answer if you try to back out.
    • Find a bridge club, church group, bowling league, or other social group where you may have things in common with other members.
    • Join the YWCA or a fitness center and work out. The endorphins from the exercise can make you feel better.
    • Rescue a dog from the animal shelter. You'll feel good about rescuing the dog, and you'll get out to take it for walks.
    • Start a social group such as a book discussion group that rotates to the member's homes. Part of the time, you'll be on your home territory. Part of the time, you'll need to get out of the house to participate.

    If you just can't seem to do any of these things, consider talking with a counselor for some additional assistance.

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    I hope some of these suggestions help. Hopefully, some of our other members will add some suggestions in the comments section.


    Good luck,


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Published On: October 01, 2007