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    hollymlb wrote...


    I suffer from depression and I have for a long time now years ago I even went temporarily insane and took a bottle of pills. After which they put me on Zoloft I believe it was 25 mg then and it worked great after while I stopped taking it and I was fine so we decided I could go without. Then this past January I took a promotion that caused major increase in the stress load and by May I knew I had to do something cause I wasn't handling it well anymore. So I went to the Dr. and was put back on Zoloft 50 mg. And within 2 weeks I was feeling so much better work also helped me out by trying to lessen my stress load for awhile which helped but now I'm back to full load and I'm ok but I'm depressed not as bad as before I called the Dr but definitely enough that I'd say it not working right now and I'm not handling as well as I should be. I have an appointment for the middle of December to go see my Dr but should I wait till then or see if I can get in sooner?

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    Dear Holly,


    If I were in your place, I'd call the doctor now instead of waiting. In addition to talking with him about your medication, you might ask for some assistance in coping with stress. Some of us handle stress better than others. You might find that you could stay at a fairly low dosage of your medication with some stress reduction techniques.


    Good luck,


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Published On: October 09, 2007