Severely Decreased Motivation Due to Depression

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    Malaya wrote...


    Hello everyone, I have a bit of a problem maybe one of you can help me with. Ya see I know exactly what steps I should be taking to try to put my life back together, but I can't seem to do them. I will tell myself ‘ok tomorrow I am NOT going to sleep all day, no matter what' But then the next day I will not feel good or maybe I will actually get up but then everything will start going wrong and I will just end up back in bed. I tell myself ‘ok lady you have absolutely got to go to the store tomorrow.' But then I put it off and put it off until, either my pets or kids are out of food and I have no other choice but to go. Now common sense tells me that I have got to start following though with these things that I tell myself to do. My problem is that when I try my depression steps in and starts coming up with tons of reasons why I should stay in bed or not clean the house or not go to the store. I am so tired of my depression making my decisions for me. I literally argue with myself about things. I will be telling myself to do one thing and the depression will be saying not to do it. I unfortunately almost always lose. So here is what I ask of you people. Have any of you dealt with this? Have any of you beat this, and if so how did you do it?

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    Dear Malaya,


    This is a tough one. Some people find that they're more likely to take care of themselves when they stop and think about the impact their health has on their families. Think about your children. If you can rouse yourself to go to the grocery store to buy food for them, isn't it just as important to take care of yourself so you can care for your children?


    Something else you can try is asking a family member or close friend to help you. My husband has "encouraged" me to go to doctors many times when I'd have put it off. Being accountable to someone who won't buy any excuses can help.


    Hope this helps,


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Published On: October 09, 2007