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    mtheriot wrote...


    wow i dont know where to start. anywas i am very depressed and i just dont know where to turn. i get so down i dont take my meds. so i am like up and down. today i did not want to even get out the house. i had told my kids i would take them to the air show but i did not go. this beast named depression is winning . i have a lot of health issues ans i can no longer work i am in pain 24/7 and i cant sleep. when i do sleep i hope i dont wake up i just want to fade away that i thnk is why i dont take my meds hopeing that i can exit this thing called life.




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    Dear mtheriot,


    A few things about medications:

    1. For many people, medications are only one part of effective treatment management of their illness. Counseling / therapy is often needed as well.
    2. Taking your meds only part of the time can actually make you feel worse because that really messes up your levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine.
    3. Medications can only help if you take them, and you need to make the conscious decision that you're going to take them.

    Depression is a disease. It needs to be treated. Are you following your treatment plans for your other health issues? From what you've told us, you have three major issues -- depression, pain, lack of sleep. This is a huge vicious cycle. These three issues all impact each other. Not dealing with any one of them can make the other two worse as well. Pain and lack of sleep can make you more depressed. Depression can make your pain worse and impact your sleep.


    You mention children. Are you married? Do you have other family members or close friends who could give you a bit of help? Sometimes, we're more likely to get into a good pattern of taking meds if we have someone we check in with on a regular basis. That helps keep us honest with ourselves about the meds. Something else that can help is realizing that you're not just doing it for yourself -- you're also doing it for your children.


    You talk about wanting to "exit this thing called life." Please get help. Now. Push that chair back from your computer and go to the phone. If the doctor who prescribed your meds is a therapist, call his or her office for an appointment. If not, call that doctor and let the receptionist know that you need a referral to a therapist, and you need it immediately. Depression doesn't have to win. YOU can win, but you cannot do it alone. So, PLEASE, leave the computer right now, pick up the phone, and get the help you need.


    Please take care of yourself,


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Published On: November 08, 2007