Does Food and Diet Affect Your Depression?

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    curious chap wrote...


    i 'm a 42yr old male and would like to know if diet and the type of food we eat have some effect(s) on our brain i.e. thought patterns, cognitve thinking and memory as i'm in a studying mode but have trouble trying to remember stuff any greatful responses accepted.

    Curious Chap





    Dear curious chap,


    This is an extremely broad question. Entire books can be, and probably have been, written on this subject. The bottom line is that what we put in our bodies affects all bodily functions and processes.


    Holly gave you an excellent link to information on dietary factors. Here are some additional sources of information for you about how nutrition affects depression:

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    Here are some resources from our Alzheimer's Disease site:

    And, from our Diet and Exercise site:

    The next time you see your doctor, you might ask about a consultation with a nutritionist. That might be a great source of information for you.


    Good luck,


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Published On: November 19, 2007