Coping with Depression During the Holiday Season

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    TiaK wrote...


    I'm sure a lot of people here have a hard time making it through this holiday season. Does anyone have any good coping strategies?





    Dear Tia,


    Great question -- very timely! Thanks for posting it.


    You're right. This is a difficult time of year. My personal coping strategies include:

    • Listening to my favorite relaxation CD every day, without fail.
    • Writing. Writing seems to help me cope with just about anything. Start a journal and write, write, write -- diary-type writings, poetry, loose train-of-thought writings.
    • Balancing time spent with friends and family with "me" time. It can be a delicate balance. Sometimes, I have to push myself because I just want to hole up at home, but once I get where I'm going, I enjoy the company of other people.
    • Focusing on the spiritual aspects of the holidays. The commercialization of the winter holidays drives me up a wall. Sometimes, the ringing of the Salvation Army bells in front of stores makes me want to smash every bell in the world. :-) That's one reason I do my shopping very early and shop online whenever I can.

    Deborah Gray wrote a great post on "Holiday Blues" -- the causes as well a suggestions for handling the blues. Click HERE to take a look.

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    OK, readers -- please add YOUR suggestions!


    Hoping this helps,


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Published On: November 25, 2007