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    thunderbird wrote...


    i am now passing my 25th. i am like all others. i am very happy and living as normal as all others.


    But some times i am getting a pain in my mind and thoughts. its from my child hood. if any bad think happend to me, i get very hurted. that time i am thinking that dying myself. not getting interes in my life, job,studies or anything.. even in the habits what i most like& interested. at that times im thinking that this wont end.. it will continue my life long... how will i pass my rest of life... how will i do job having a bad decies like this...


    but in 4-5 days i will be very clear and comes to normal. and in a month i will forgot these things...

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    This is continuing in my life since i was in my child hood. then i dont know what is it. but now i feel that i have a depression.


    It remained for 2-3 month continuely 2 times in my life. the first was before 3 years and the last was before an year. At second i talked to a normal psycotherapist who i could talk those days. he said that he can help, but i dint talk with him because of i got cured after somedays.


    I am now very far to him.. i cannot conatct him now..


    Last week i got a problem in my ofc that can be affect my futere 2 years. then i was terribly thinking of that an became depressd.. it is right after 1.5 year which was the second long attack i said u previousely. and i am away from my home for job since last 3 month. these two things were killing my mind. i thought i wont be cured from this for long.. i thought of dying... i hated my self.. i got fedup in job... i was crying in my mind secretly.. but no one could identify seeing me..


    i searchd througj the net to find any solution as i cud not say this to anyone. searchd for doctors contact to contact them secretly..


    after 4-5 days to day i found this site.. but today im very clear.. and very happy as usual.. i am as usual.. but im afraid, cos it will attack me again..


    I am sure i have a depression.. from this last attack i understood verywell, i need help from an expert to solves this problem..


    can any one help me or give advice in this regard waht shuld i take furthor action... my email address is also foxatnight@gmail.com.. i aprreciate anyoce cotact my through mail also..


    i am very thankfull to all who can help me... bye..





    Dear thunderbird,


    Everyone gets a bit down sometimes, but when you have thoughts of dying, hate yourself, and know you're depressed, it's time for professional help. Reading online and talking with other people online can be great for information and support, but it's not a substitute for getting good professional care.


    You may need to talk with someone for counseling or psychotherapy or counseling, medication, or a combination of the two. Only a trained mental health professional can evaluate your situation and tell you what's best for you. Since you're far away from the psychotherapist you once talked to, you'll need to find a new one. If you don't know of any where you live now, your regular doctor can help you locate one.


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    If you have thoughts of harming yourself before you see a therapist, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK for someone to talk to immediately.

    Please take care of yourself, Thunderbird, and seek the help you've said you need.


    Hoping this helps,


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Published On: December 03, 2007