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    cat j wrote...


    Early this year in Jan. I suffered a psychotic break down. I am bipolar with psychotic features. I haven't really been myself since. I have been very tired, I have a down feeling most of the time, I have absolutely no ambition whatsoever. I would be content staying on the couch all day. I was wondering if any one else has had this experience? I would appreciate any input.

    Thanks so much,

    Cat J





    Dear cat,


    Although I've never been in your position, I think many of us with depression can empathize with your being content to stay on the couch all day. It just seems so much easier, yet we know we'd be better off getting up and being productive.

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    Sometimes, it seems a bit like playing games with myself, but I've purposely brought in only enough groceries for a day or two so I'd have to go out. My husband and brother have been great about gently pushing me to go out with them to do simple things too.


    Have you talked with your doctor? How are you sleeping, cat? Even if you're sleeping enough, if your sleep isn't good quality sleep, that might be an issue. Are you taking medications? If so, how are they doing?


    Hopefully, some of our other readers will be along soon to share their experiences with you. You might also find additional information on our sister site,


    Hoping this helps,


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Published On: December 03, 2007