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    MAD ALL THE TIME wrote...


    I am looking for work in the IT field...something I have done for the last 5 years...and cannot find anything-or maybe-no one will hire me.THe longer it takes to find a job,the more I think its ME.I am being treated for depression with a whole cocktail of stuff and even the bad days are starting to look good.Its a big effort just to get up and go looking,much less call people and ask /plead/beg for job leads.It all seems pretty pointless right now.There are places I could go to get help but at this point I just dont give a rip.If one more person tells me"Oh it will be all better when you find a job" I will grab a fork and stab them.I am angry all the time and dont know why.I dont talk to anyone and have no friends to confind in...they all were too busy having their own little dramas that it wasnt worth keeping in touch.

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    Dear MATT,


    Deborah wrote a great comment to you. Talking with a therapist would be very helpful to you at this point. Not only would it help you cope with your situation, but it could help you develop more confidence, and that could actually help you land a job.


    Something else to consider, if you haven't already, is talking with an employment counselor. You can usually find one through your local job services office. They're trained to review your resumé, help you polish your presentation, and counsel you on the local job market. When you've been employed for several years, it can be difficult to get back into looking at the current market. Also, job counselors sometimes know of positions that may not be exactly what you're looking for, but can lead to positions in your field. I know that's discouraging, but sometimes change can lead us in directions that end up being far better for us.


    Good luck in the search!


    Please keep us posted,


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Published On: December 03, 2007