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    Wendy wrote...


    I have MS and along with that came depression. I was diagnosed about 9 years ago and for 8 of those years was taking Prozac with remarkable results. Since February of this year, I had another bout with MS and with that came depression that has not subsided since. I have tried different medications which none have really helped. The last 6 weeks have been pure living hell! I have been going to counseling and a psychiatrist since May. Does anyone share the same type of situation as I do?





    Dear Wendy,


    No, I don't share your situation, but still wanted to answer you with some encouragement. Unfortunately, medications can just stop working. Prozac was rather infamous for that at one time. Thus, the phrase that came into use, "Prozac poop-out." It can take up to three months to really tell if an antidepressant is going to work for us, and those months absolutely can be hell.

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    Have you considered employing some complementary therapies to boost your medication and therapy? Some suggestions:

    • A good relaxation CD. I love "Effortless Relaxation" by Steven Halpern.
    • Aromatherapy. Citrus oils are especially uplifting. Try red mandarine or lemongrass.

    Are your doctors working together, Wendy? If not, insist that they start talking with each other. Coordinating your MS and depression treatment certainly can't hurt.


    I hope some of our other members will also have feedback for you soon. You might also want to look for additional information on our MS site,


    hoping this helps,


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Published On: December 03, 2007