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    Although I have been where she is now, I find myself wondering what is the right thing to do or tell her when she comes to me crying and desperate. I even find myself getting angry or not being able to feel anything. Any advice? Later I did feel sad to know that she is suffering, but I need help to better help her.





    Dear surviver,


    You didn't say how old your daughter is. If she's a child or teenager, these should be helpful:

    It's so difficult when your child is suffering from depression; sometimes, the most difficult part is recognizing that they need help beyond what we can give them. Is she seeing a doctor or therapist? If not, it sounds as if she needs to. If she is, going to an appointment with her or making an appointment to talk to her doctor about what you can do to help is a good idea.

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    If she's still in school, her guidance counselor may also have ideas for helping her as well as resources for you and your daughter to avail yourselves of. If you belong to a church, check with your minister.


    Listen to her, keep telling her you love her, remind her that help is available, and keep encouraging her to get the help she needs and deserves.


    hoping this helps,


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Published On: December 10, 2007