Difficulty Keeping a Job Due to Depression, Constant Exhaustion

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    H8ingmylifesometimes wrote...


    I have a hard time keeping a job lately because I am so tired, all I do is sleep. I am in the medical field and don't know where to turn. I don't have a councellor because I have a trust issue as far as whether they will really help me. I currently take 90 mg cymbalta, 1000mg depakote and ativan 0.5mg as needed. I can't talk to my family--because it "overwhelms" my mom and she can't deal. They never call me unless I have done something wrong. I don't know where to turn or what to do.


    Any ideas or thoughts from someone who has been there is welcome.


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    Dear H8ingmylifesometimes,


    Have you seen your doctor to rule out physical causes for your tiredness? There are many, many medical issues that can make you tired. Also, the quality of your sleep can be an issue. If you're not getting good sleep, including the various stages of sleep, that can be a problem.


    Who prescribed your Cymbalta and Depakote? Think back to before you were taking them. Were you as tired before beginning them? It couldn't hurt to talk to the doctor who prescribes those meds for you to see if you're experiencing side effects that are making you tired.


    You didn't say what your diagnosis is for taking Cymbalta and Depakote, so it's a bit difficult to make suggestions. Since you're posting here, I'm going to assume depression is an issue. Families can have a difficult time when a family member has problems with depression. Sometimes, a bit of education about depression can help. Perhaps sharing some information from our Understanding Depression section would be helpful. You definitely need some support. Take a look at our Support Groups information for some ideas.


    I realize you said you have an issue with counselors, but please consider trying. There are times when we just can't handle things on our own and counselors can be a huge help.


    hoping this helps,


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Published On: December 10, 2007