Find Happiness to Pull Yourself From Depression Rough Patch

Teri Robert Health Guide
  • Depression is such a pain-in-the-behind disease. I take my medication faithfully every day, but there are still times when I go through a rough patch. Sometimes, I feel myself letting stressful things that are going on in my life get to me far more than they should. Then I end up feeling guilty for snapping at my husband. It's not his fault, so why do I take it out on him?


    It's been that way for the last couple of weeks. My desktop computer wasn't acting right, and since I work via the Internet, that can put me in a panic. My husband and I are well capable of fixing such things -- we needed to install a new hard drive -- but I found myself extremely short on patience. Oh, so patience isn't necessarily my strong suit in the first place, but this was bordering on out of control. We made it through all of that though -- in one piece and our marriage intact. Big Smile

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    What good timing it was that we had planned a weekend trip to visit our older son and his family. Our granddaughters Alex (10) and Morgan (9) wanted their ears pierced, and they wanted to do it with "Granny." Becky (our daughter inlaw) and I took them to the mall to shop and get their ears pierced. They were so excited choosing their little earrings. Then they decided to pick out some for me. What? Oh, yes, they wanted me to get mine pierced again with them. That almost didn't happen. Not wanting to carry a lot around the mall, I'd gone with just my camera, cell phone, and some money. Lo and behold, they wouldn't pierce my ears because I didn't have a photo ID with me. I still don't understand this. I'm obviously of age. Did they think I was wearing someone else's ears and trying to get them pierced? Hubby saved the day by bringing my driver's license. 


    Excitement and joy was added to the weekend when our other daughter inlaw gave birth to their sixth child. Jeremiah Cedric Robert joined our family. When things start to get to me, pictures of our grandchildren are always comforting. To close, I share a picture of Jeremiah...




Published On: August 01, 2007