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    There are times when it seems we have more questions than answers, and those are the times when this community can be very helpful. We can come here and share information and support.


    We've recently started a new "Ask the Expert Patient" feature on MyDepressionConnection. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet Cool . I'm a lot like many of you, having lived with family members with depression and having dealt with it myself for about 20 years now. Drawing on that experience and the research I do to educate myself about this disease we share, I'll answer some of your questions each week. Although I can't give medical advice, I can make constructive suggestions and give you information to discuss with your doctors.

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    If you would like to ask a question about depression or living with depression, please write a SharePost and be sure to select "a question" in the drop-down menu next to "I want to create a SharePost that is a," which is Step 2 on the SharePost creation screen. I will post my responses to your questions each week in the Ask the Expert Patient SharePosts.


    The questions and answere I post each week can also be a great starting point for all of us to post comments and discuss the questions. We can draw on our experiences to help each other.


    Ready... set... write a SharePost and ask YOUR question!


    PS: If you have a question about bipolar disorder, check out Ask the Expert Patient on John McManamy is ready to answer your questions there.

Published On: October 01, 2007