How do you cope with depression?

Teri Robert Health Guide
  • Even with effective treatment, there are times when depression seems to "flare up," when we have days when we really need good coping strategies and ways to get through the day.


    Confesson time: If I'm not careful on those days, I can easily indulge in ways to cope that aren't good. It's easy to hit the chocolate, and with so many online merchants making shopping easy, it's also easy for me to spend too much money shopping online. Heaven forbid that I go to the eBay site!


    In an attempt to handle "those days" better, I resorted to making a list of things I can do that are uplifting and comforting -- and noncaloric and inexpensive...

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    • A bubble bath or long, indulgent shower.
    • Time with my cat curled up on my lap.
    • Watching a favorite movie.
    • Cuddling or napping with my husband.
    • Writing -- either poetry or prose. Getting things out of my system and onto paper or writing something whimsical.
    • Playing the piano.
    • Visiting the park in our town where two rivers converge. If it's a pretty day, I love watching the river and the ducks and geese there.

    These are things that help me cope and get through a bad day. Now, it's YOUR turn. Please click the "Add Comment" link below and tell us what helps you!


Published On: January 28, 2008