Treating Depression with Spirituality?

Teri Robert Health Guide
  • A blog carnival I follow came out this week on the topic, 'How Spirituality Helps Us Cope with Migraine Disease." It made me think not only about the Migraines I have, but also about how I cope with depression.


    Yes, I take an antidepressant, but that's not really enough for me to feel my best. Plus, even with the medication, I have those days when I want to just go back to bed, those days when I sit at my computer all day but can't seem to accomplish anything. As I read the SharePosts here and the questions in our Q & A secion, I see some of you talking about those days too.


    I don't consider myself a particularly religious person, but do consider myself to be spiritual. I beleive in God; he's my "higher power" or "higher being." And, that belief helps me through especially difficult days.

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    Each morning, I start my day with 30 mintues spent on meditation and prayer along with my coffee. That time helps me center myself and get focused. Without those 30 minutes, my days don't go as well. My concentration isn't what it should be, and it's easier for stress, anxiety, and depression to creep up on me. If the day gets too hectic with the phone ringing constantly and the flow of email seeming overwhelming, I'll often take a break to refocus. Nature seems to help. If I can't get out of my office, I focus on a large citrine sphere to pray and meditate. Citrine is a naturally golden stone, and I focus on exhaing the darkness and inhaling golden light. If time permits, I'll drive to the river and sit on a bench in a little park I like, watching the river flow, in awe of it's beauty and strenght.


    Do you have a spiritual side that helps with your depression? Do you take comfort in and draw strength from God, Buddha, Allah, Jehova, Nature, the Universe? Please feel free to share your experiences.



Published On: July 16, 2008