Meet Our Depression Site Producer and Others at HealthCentral!

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  • Good afternoon, everyone!


    When I read the SharePosts here, I'm often touched by the cameraderie among our members and the sense of "family."


    Many of us have our pictures on our profiles, so we get an idea of what others look like. Sometimes, that makes us feel closer to each other.


    Still, there's a group of people who make all of that possible, and we don't see their pictures. We don't see the people behind the scenes -- our site producer Kate and the others at HealthCentral who work day in and day out to keep things going for us.


    I'm fortunate enough to work in the DC area for a week at a time, several times a year. Since the HealthCentral offices are in Arlington, Virginia, I get to meet and work with the wonderful staff there.

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    Thinking you might like to "meet" the, I got some video introductions for you...



    Be well!


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Published On: March 18, 2009