Using Aromatherapy Lamps to Help with Depression

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  • Although I'm faithfully doing my meditation, keeping my sleep patterns stable, and taking my supplements and medication, I'm having a bad depression day today.


    This is something I've discussed with my doctor before. Even when I'm doing everything right, and my medication is working, there are still times when I have a bad day.


    Today, I can't decide whether I'd rather slap someone along side the head or just crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after me.


    Anyone else have these days? These are days I detest. It's hard to concentrate, hard to get anything done; but it would be all too easy to be cross and take it out on my husband.

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    One of my favorite ways to cope with days like today is with aromatherapy. The picture to the right is a simple aromatherapy lamp. To use it, you fill the little bowl on top with water, add several drops of essential oil to the water, then light a tea candle under the lamp.


    One reason I like lamps like this one is that the bowl is large enough that it won't run dry before the tea candle burns out. So, even though I need to be careful with it, I don't have to watch it as closely as I would have to watch one with a smaller bowl.


    There are a number of essential oils that can help with depression:

    • lemon
    • lemongrass
    • chamomile
    • neroli
    • orange
    • bergamot
    • mandarine
    • red mandarine
    • pine
    • basil

    Today, I chose to use red mandarine in my lamp and drink chamomile tea. The day could be better, but I do feel significantly better than I did earlier in the day. Citrus oils are very uplifiting, and I enjoy them immensely.


    Aromatherapy can be an easy and inexpensive way to improve mood and help us feel better on those "off" days. Caution should be used with essential oils. With the possible exception of lavender, essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin. Pure essential oils are too strong for application to the skin and should be diluted in another oil called a "carrier oil." Carrier oils include sweet almond oil, palm kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil, and others.


    If essential oil and other aromatherapy supplies are difficult to find where you live, there are many web sites where they can be ordered. One of my favorite sites is Their selection is excellent, they are very particular about the quality of oils they sell, and their prices are reasonable. (Please note: I am not affiliated with Nature's Gift in any way and do not profit from recommending the site."


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Published On: April 15, 2009