Photos from Mental Health America Centennial Conference

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  • First, I apologize for not writing last week from the Mental Health America conference as I had planned. The days were long; the emotions of both the presentations and the stories of people I met were beyond powerful; and the end of each day found me needing to crash and sleep.


    It was a full and productive week during which I learned more about about depression, mental health issues, and the organizations working in this field. I even learned about myself.


    I initially thought that hearing speakers such as Rosalyn Carter, Tipper Gore and Glenn Close would be the high points of the conference. However, the time I spent with people like you and me was even more powerful and important.

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    In the coming days, I'll be writing to share what I learned as well as some photos and video clips. In the meantime, here are some photos to get us started...







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Published On: June 17, 2009