Former Second Lady Tipper Gore Video on Depression and Mental Health

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  • Good afternoon! As promised, this post is to share with you some of the information and events from the Mental Health America Centennial Conference I recently attended.


    As you may know, Mrs. Tipper Gore lives with depression and has become an outspoken advocate for all of us with mental health and wellness issues. In fact, Mrs. Gore was the keynot speaker on June 12.


    Mrs. Gore was honest and candid. She shared her personal experiences, her great hope for the future with the Mental Health Pariety Act in place, and spoke of the need to end the stigma associated with depression and other mental health and wellness issues.

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    This video is to share with you most of her keynote address. It was hard to get great video sitting in the audience, but it turned out pretty well. I've trimmed out applause and repeated comments to pare it down to ten minutes for you. I hope you find it as uplifting and encouraging as I did.




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Published On: June 21, 2009