Teen Depression - An Interview

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  • Sarah is a bright, kind-hearted 19-year-old college student. She also has major depressive disorder.


    Fortunately for Sarah, her family (especially her mother) understand depression very well. At the age of 15, when Sarah told her mother she was having some problems, her mother knew to take her to the doctor and get her the help she needed.

    It's now four years later, and Sarah is very open about her life with depression. She's doing well in college, handling life in her own unique style, and looking forward to the future. She was happy to do this interview in the hopes that it would help other teenagers.

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    Of course, everyone's situation is unique. But if you're a teenager with depression, we both hope that while reading about Sarah, you'll see things that apply to you. We both hope that her story will help you realize that you're not alone, and that life can be good, even with depression.


    Read Sarah's story in Teen Depression - An Interview.


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Published On: September 08, 2009