Some Temporary Solutions to Some of the Tech Issues

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  • Hi everybody!


    We will resume our regularly scheduled program soon I promise. 


    As you probably are aware, we have had some technical issues on the site recently and while these are being worked upon, I wanted to give at least a couple of tips to make things easier right now.


    1.  The first thing is anyone who cut and pastes from seems this is the source of my problems of my posts not showing up. The system is having trouble stripping away code as it should.  One of my producers gave me an excellent tip today of either writing directly onto the sharepost OR write what you want to write in notepad, wordpad, or another text editor and then paste it into the sharepost system.  If you want to use word you will need to cut and paste it into another text editor like notepad (this will strip away the code) and then cut and paste this into the sharepost.

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:


    I hope that makes sense.  Not sure how you all write shareposts but I was usually doing it from word.


    2.  Member Paul has shared with us how to download Firefox.  I totally understand that some people may not want to change browsers.  But for some reason the site is easier to see with this particular browser.  I am told you can download it for free and some people have multiple browsers.


    So these two things should help some in the short run.  I know some of you have been having problems with staying logged in.  I have experienced this too and it seems you have to make sure that you sign in at the top of the page.  You may have to do this more than once.  


    If anyone else has any tips to share about how they are navigating the site.  Or if you have any other tech issues you want to report.  Please do tell us.  


    Here is the way to contact the webmaster directly.  I think it is better for you to communicate the issues directly and with detail than if I report things second hand.


    To report any technical issues:


    Please know they are working on all of this and I am hoping to get back to talking about regular stuff.


    THANK YOU for your patience...sincerely!


    Merely Me



Published On: January 05, 2010