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  • Hi guys and gals!


    I keep changing the title of my Friday feature.  What's up with that?  The gist of what I want to do on Fridays is to do a little review of the week and see how you all are doing.  Last week I described implementing a "Dodging Depression Diary."  Basically we are going to talk about how we are dodging our depression by doing things which help our mind, body, and spirit.  So let's keep on with this idea and see where it goes!  I am going to be joining you all in this effort so watch out world here we come!


    First things first:


    1.  Rate your overall week on a scale of one to ten with one being the absolute worst and a ten being the best ever.

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    2.  Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Feel free to rate these elements of your life/self this week.  Tell us what is going on in these realms and any progress you are making.


    I will start!


    Mind: (This is your cognitive and pyschological self)   I would rate this aspect of myself a good solid 6 this week.  Been having some trouble with my short term memory lately.  I cannot hold onto information I have just read.  I don't know if this is my Multiple Sclerosis or just getting older but I don't like it! 


    This week was a week of hormones for me...oh boy.  We ladies know what the hormones can do.  It never fails that during this time something will get me in a tizzy.  Sometimes I feel like Bugs Bunny during that one episode where he turns into Doctor Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde where his body contorts and he grows fangs.  Remember that one?  I always tell myself, "Don't say anything to anybody" as I am not fit for human consumption but it never fails that I do say something and it usually is the wrong thing.  But I am getting a little wiser in not saying ALL that I would like to say so this is a positive right?  Smile


    Body:  Here I get to blame hormones once again.  I have actually started to work out.  I am working out at home and at the gym and I am loving it.  I consider the time I spend exercising to be ME time.  I have an adjustable step I use.  I turn on bad TV like one of those reality shows and I step for a half an hour, then I work out with weights and lastly I do my abs.  So I think I  am working hardand I step on the scale and I find that I have gained TWO pounds!  Of course I am wanting to throw the scale out the window.  So lesson number one is NOT to look at the scale every day when you begin to work out.  Once a week will do. 


    My sister had gotten me this magnifying mirror.  I am like, "Do you hate me?"  Magnifying mirrors, not good for the self esteem.  You can see every pore, every blemish, and every wrinkle in all their glory.  I take off my glasses and look in a regular mirror and that is the image I am most comfy with.


    My rating this week...I think I deserve at least a 7 for trying.


    Spirit:(This is about being compassionate towards yourself, finding peace, exploring your spirituality, and generally doing things which are good for your soul.)


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    I always find sustenance in reading books and I found two books which are nourishing in very different ways.  One is Norah Vincent's "Voluntary Madness" about her voluntary stays at various mental institutions.  I grew up watching my mother go in and out of mental hospitals and always wondered what that experience was like.  Norah Vincent tells us in a no holds barred kind of way that I appreciate.  Her writing is freeing and I wish to somehow loose my internal restrictions to be able to write like this. 


    The other book I am reading is, "nothing was the same," by Kay Redfield Jamison.  She is famous for her book about her experience with bipolar disorder, "An Unquiet Mind."  The book is about grief and loss and I have just begun and I need a box of kleenex nearby.  I know this book will clear out my insides and I am almost afraid to read it.  I have the wonderful opportunity to interview this author and will be sharing this interview with all of you in the near future.  Reading her books is a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.


    Rating for this element in my life...oh perhaps an 8. 


    Now it is your turn!  I can't wait to hear from you.



Published On: January 08, 2010