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  • Hi everybody!


    It has been an interesting day for me with a rather scooby doo-ish like mystery at my house.  Yesterday I woke to find that a large piece of our hallway curtain was gone!  There was a big chunk of one of the bottom panels completely torn away.   Now I have to tell you that my son who has autism has been known to be the source of such "alterations" to our household.  He has taken stuffing out of teddy bears, painted palm trees in the bathroom and has hung toy horses from a celing fan. So I am used to Max's mischief.  So when I saw the huge chunk of curtain missing I just assumed it was Max. 

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    But then our dog vomited up...guess what?  She vomited up the piece of curtain.  It is true.  My dog ate the curtain.  Our dog has never chewed up anything before.  We had given her this huge raw hide bone and I don't think it agreed with her.  She has been wanting to eat grass and leaves but I guess this was not good enough to get her to vomit up the bone.  So she ate the curtain.  I am still like..."what????" 


    And my poor son...I had given him a time out and had taken away one of his privileges thinking it was him! I did apologize to him but I feel bad.


    So my question today is:



    When was the last time you ASSUMED something and you were proven wrong?


    Tell us your story...we love to hear from you!



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Published On: January 14, 2010